When Should a Pocket Door Be Installed? April 07 2017

No out of alignment pocket doors

Pocket doors are not a common door type found in homes today but have actually been around for centuries. In the past, the door type was actually considered a standard feature in an upscale home but this gradually went out of style. Swinging doors became the new ‘It’ feature and homes continue to use such doors today. However, there are many positives to pocket doors and home owners today are starting to install the door type in existing homes as well as with new builds.

But when should pocket doors be used?

There are many areas of the home that can benefit from pocket doors. For a visual effect, it can be lovely to add pocket doors to the dining room area of the home. You will enjoy a regal feel as you host a dinner party and close the doors during the meal for a grand effect. Pocket doors come in very handy with laundry room or mud room spaces. Often times, these areas have small doorways and might not benefit from a swing style door. A pocket door can slide easily into the wall and still provide a door to shut when needed.

Think about areas in your home where you might could use a door that instead of swinging outward, it goes inside the wall. Smaller spaces like laundry rooms or small half baths work well when adding a pocket door instead of a traditional swinging door.

Why Install a Pocket Door?

There are many reasons to install a pocket door, from having a unique feature in the home to gaining square footage. When you have a pocket door installed, you no longer have to worry about keeping a door closed or losing space with an open doorway. Think about this. When you have a traditional swing door, the door will be pushed against the wall when open. This means you cannot place any furnishings or décor on this portion of the wall. By installing a pocket door, you can gain as much as 10 square feet of space. This means more room for furniture layout as well as decorating your home.

Pocket doors are also a quality option when the homeowner has impaired mobility. When the individual is in a wheelchair, it is much easier to slide a pocket door than to try and swing a door open. The individual will no longer have to maneuver the door to be able to move in or out of a space in the home.

Overall, pocket doors are a quality choice for the home. Consider installing one today to see how your home can benefit from this unique door choice. There are many styles and sizes to choose from which helps you to keep in line with the design of your home as well as have several options when choosing an install. Our pocket door hardware kit ensures any pocket door installed in your home will never go out of alignment. Install one pocket door to see how you like the usage of the door type and you may find that you are changing out several doors in your home!