Common Areas to Install a Pocket Door

January 21, 2017

Pocket Doors Save Space

A pocket door is a fantastic way in which to maximize space in the home. With pocket doors, more square footage is offered in a space while still providing a sense of privacy when needed. Instead of using a traditional swinging door on a hinge, a pocket door will slide into a hollow cavity in the wall, known as a pocket. The door is mounted with pocket door hardware on rollers and is easily able to glide on a track overhead, providing a unique door for the home.

Where Can Pocket Doors be Installed?

Pocket Doors Save SpaceBut where should pocket doors be installed? You can really have a pocket door installed anywhere you like but normally, such doors are placed in areas where they will be of benefit. If the space provided for a door swing is not optimal, a pocket door will free up space in the home. Pocket doors save space and solve problems as they easily fit into tight spots in the home. Instead of having awkward use of space with a swinging door, the pocket door takes up less room and helps home owners have complete control of privacy as well as décor and use of the space.

Bathrooms, laundry areas and mudrooms can easily use pocket doors for convenience. When a bathroom is in a small space, the pocket door allows for ease of use as well as freeing up square footage. It is common for bathrooms, laundry rooms or even closets to exist in a home where the regular door swings open but is in the way. By adding a pocket door to this area, the area is not awkward and the space still has a door for privacy.

Think about spaces in your home. Is there anywhere that has a tight fit when it comes to a swinging door? This would be a great space in which to install a pocket door. Pocket doors come in all shapes and sizes as well as designs. You should easily be able to find a pocket door that will give you privacy, visual appeal and better use of the space than with the traditional swinging door that is already installed in the home. 

Take a look around your home. Do you see a room that could benefit? Start off small with perhaps a bathroom or laundry room. By trying one area for a pocket door, you can see how well you like the new option and decide if you wish to add in another pocket door in another area of your home. Once you see how well the doors function as compared to a traditional swinging door, you may find that you want to replace several doors in the home with this type.

Pocket doors must be installed by a professional in order for the door to function properly. The wall in the doorway will need to be outfitted with a pocket door kit so the new door can be easily installed and move back and forth, inside and outside the wall. This unique door type is a perfect addition to any home and can last a lifetime if installed properly. Utilizing the Peterson Pocket Door Hardware System ensures your beautiful pocket door will never be out of alignment. Be sure to mention this to your architect or contractor.

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