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Peterson Pocket Door Hardware is a revolutionary adjustable pocket door kit that is built to last a lifetime. Learn More…

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Enjoy the elegance of a smooth opening and closing pocket door with the Peterson Pocket Door System. Homeowners, architects and contractors appreciate the craftsmanship and balance that our adjustable pocket door system provides. Homes and buildings can have varying degrees of movement which can affect the alignment of pocket doors. When this happens, traditional pocket door tracks are rendered useless and the entirety of the track must be replaced. But not with the Peterson Pocket Door System's adjustable track. Smooth opening pocket doors are guaranteed to be in alignment with just a turn of the machine bolt.

What Makes Our Pocket Door Hardware Different?


Enjoy the sophistication of a smooth closing pocket door that always stays in alignment. Choose any door design to pair with our adjustable pocket door system.


Our adjustable, steel header is unaffected by the surrounding building materials. Structural movement will not impede the performance of our pocket door system. We provide a Pocket Door Installation Guide here.


Pocket doors are space savers. Many architects have negated implementing pocket doors due to mis-alignment issues. Not anymore. The Peterson Pocket Door hardware system utilizes a quick adjustment feature that allows our pocket doors to stay in alignment.

If you are considering a pocket door for your home or business, but have been put off by the negatives of misalignment issues, your worry is over. Enjoy the convenience and space saving benefits of a pocket door that will never be out of alignment with the Peterson Pocket Door System.

See what our customers are saying:

  • "Finally, a system that allows me to offer my clients a fully adjustable pocket door frame! I have heard for years about pocket doors "settling" and finish carpenters being called back to try to "repair" their pocket doors. What I hear back is that they have had to rip the wall open, re-plumb the walls and reinstall the hardware. I can't imagine the cost to do all of this, PLUS having to re-plaster, re-drywall, re-paint, etc. Jim has a fantastic system!"

    - Alan Bleecker, Capitol Hardware

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