Why Peterson Pocket Doors?

Traditional Pocket Doors have a Major Design Flaw

A traditional pocket door unit includes a fixed track, a track that cannot be adjusted once attached to the head of the pocket door frame. Any subtle movement in the building materials surrounding the track can cause the door to shift out of level. Even when pocket doors are installed with the best craftsmanship, building materials always expand and contract and houses settle.

What causes pocket doors to not work well?

Here are just a few of the things that could cause a pocket door to go out-of-alignment over time:

  1. Shifting or settling concrete / dirt
  2. Unstable materials
  3. Drying or expanding materials (e.g. wood expansion)
  4. Weight of house, failing materials, insufficient structures for weight-bearing loads, inferior structures or building not accounted for in engineering

Finally, an Adjustable Track

Peterson Pocket Door Hardware System  includes a highly adjustable, cold rolled steel header that is unencumbered by the building materials surrounding the pocket door unit. You can easily angle this steel header up or down by turning an exposed machine bolt. No more headaches knocking out walls, replumbing framing, reinstalling, patching drywall and painting.

Save your business reputation

With Peterson Pocket Door System you won't be frustrated when pocket doors go out of alignment. With just a few adjustments turning the machine bolt and the pocket door will be returned to plumb. The client will be happy and your business will have a great reputation with such an easy fix. Save your business and reputation by using Peterson Pocket Doors.

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