Pocket Door Installation Guide

Installation Overview: Before you begin

The Peterson Pocket Door Hardware System can be installed in a variety of pre-assembled pocket door frames and pocket door kits and also in custom built pocket door frames. We currently provide instructions for retrofitting pocket door frames built by several popular pocket door manufacture and also provide instructions on how to build custom frames to accommodate the Peterson Pocket Door System. For pocket door frames to be installed in 2x6 or thicker walls, we highly recommend using a custom built pocket door frame. Before purchasing the P.P.D.S. please consider the following information and plan accordingly.

The best and cheapest way is to build a job hung pocket door.

Peterson Pocket Door Hardware will add approximately 4" - 8" to the height of the pocket door track so:

  1. When using the P.P.D.S. the height of the framed opening should be 4 1/2" - 8 1/2" taller than the manufacturer's specifications (see sizing chart below) plus track and wheels.
  2. For 6'8" doors, a standard 6'8" pocket door frame cannot be used. To accomodate the new header system an oversize pocket door frame must be used instead (see sizing chart below.)
  3. The valance of manufactured pocket door frames must be retrofitted to fully enclose the header system (see specific instructions below for more details.)
  4. Building a custom pocket door frame is simple. See instructions.

Sizing Chart


Height of door

Size of pocket door frame

Height of rough opening*

Wall thickness

T.M. Cobb
visit website


7'0" x width of door

88" approx

2x4 or 2x6

El and El
visit website


7'0" x width of door

88" approx

2x4 or 2x6

visit website


8'0" x width of door

89 1/2" approx

2x4 only

Custom Frame

6'8" - unlimited


add approx 8" to height of door

2x4 - unlimited

* will vary slightly depending on thickness of finished floor.

Download instructions for Retrofitting and Installing Manufactured and Custom Pocket Door Frames

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