Top Hidden Benefits of Pocket Doors March 28 2017

A pocket door is a unique door option for the home that essentially disappears whenever the home owner closes it. The door slides into the wall, creating an opening or can be pulled closed for privacy. Many feel that pocket doors are overlooked during the construction phase of building a new home but can easily be installed later on if the home owner would like to have such doors in place. There are many benefits to having pocket doors from the way the door disappears into the wall to having more space in the home. Learn more about these benefits below.

Gaining Space with Pocket Doors 

Pocket Doors save SpaceWith pocket doors, the home instantly gains space. On average, an additional 10-square-feet of floor space is gained when a pocket door is used instead of the traditional door that swings open and closed. When a high quality frame and hardware are used, the pocket door will last for the lifespan of the home without trouble or need for repairs. With this space, home owners have more options for laying out furniture or décor. Many times, a doorway can cause issues with having proper seating. With a pocket door you can gain the extra space needed for chair or sofa placement. And who doesn’t love extra space? It can be really annoying when you have an open door and the door gets in the way of being able to place furniture or décor. With a pocket door, you will have more freedom as to where you can place items which can lead to extra seating or storage for your home.

Privacy When Needed

Pocket doors also provide a sense of privacy when needed. In the olden days, pocket doors would be added to the dining room area. The doors would remain open during the daytime hours and when dinner was served, the doors would be closed off for privacy during the dinner party. The same can be said today. Pocket doors can remain open as you see fit and then closed off when you want privacy in the space.


In smaller homes, pocket doors come in quite handy. Not only do you gain floor space but you also may not be able to keep an open door, well open. In some homes, ether is not enough room for a door to swing open. Such spaces could include the laundry room or mud room of the home. A swing door would just get in the way while a pocket door is the perfect solution for closing off the space when needed.

Many older homes do well with pocket doors as there is limited space when the doors of certain spaces are open. Older homes can actually have smaller doors which can easily be removed and a pocket door put in place for more space as well as easy opening and closing when privacy is needed.

Overall, pocket doors are a quality solution for the home. You can have pocket doors installed in your new home or during the construction phase of a new build to be able to enjoy the unique door option for many years to come.