Pocket Door Photo Gallery

Pocket doors installed with the Peterson Pocket Door System.

Alignment issues are a thing of the past, when using the Peterson Pocket Door System. Use any pocket door with our unique adjustable track. These are just some of the pocket doors installed with the PPDS.

pocket door I installed this door in 2010 on Vista Buena Road for the Howen Family. This picture of the pocket door is in the rough framing stage. In 2010 were making our own pocket frames, and adding the Peterson Pocket Door System (PPDS) to it. The products used were Kehler Facia material, Stanley Track and Wheels, and the (PPDS) Peterson pocket door system.
Pocket Door System The Howen project finished
Pocket Doors for Contractors

This was my first pair of doors using the Peterson Pocket door system. This unit was installed in Santa Barbara at Santa Barbara Community Church. We did this door unit in May of 2010. Here we made our pocket door frame and installed the PPDS in the frame with Stanley track and wheels.

Pocket Doors for Architects

Same door in the rough

Pocket Doors Alignment Same door unit
Never misaligned pocket doors Finish door unit at Santa Barbara Community Church
Perfect alignment pocket door This is another finished pocket pair that I used at Santa Barbara Community church of Santa Barbara, Ca.

This was a sliding shoji art door. I did this for a client in Santa Barbara in 2014.

pocket door system

David Chase was the contractor for Camino Floral

pocket doors

We used the Hawa 40 b track and wheels, and all our trim was done with beech hard wood.

pocket doors for homeowners




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